April 22, 2013


As I've slowed down my picture taking and blogging lately (I think the Project 365 hangover might be coming to an end) I've been thinking about these memories and moments I want to hang on to. I look at old pictures and barely remember some of the details. My son often remembers better than I do.

One thing I love the past few months is getting Cohen up in the morning. Every weekday morning -- every single time -- the routine goes like this. I walk into his room and turn his lights on and he immediately throws the covers up over his head. It's like his survival instinct. It's part hiding from the day and avoidance of his 6:15 wakeup call and part playful mischievousness. I have to sneak up on him and tickle him until he pulls the blanket down to reveal his smiling face. Great way to start each way.


Past Musings

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